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Apollos Scholé Community

At Apollos Scholé Community, we aim to honor God through communal support and fellowship, enhancing our children's education with creative and high-quality pursuits.

 Our educational approach embraces the "Scholé" style, characterized by its classical roots, communal involvement, flexibility, and a restful pace.

Educational Approach:

  • Classical: We are committed to a Classical curriculum, constantly refining our vision to strengthen our classical educational framework.

  • Communal: As a community of Christ-followers, we integrate a Christian perspective into all teaching. Collaboration is key; parents contribute by teaching or assisting, and students participate in set-up and clean-up. We cherish every voice, ensuring everyone feels valued.

  • Flexible: We remain open to evolution and new ideas. Each member is encouraged to contribute their unique skills and perspectives.

  • Restful: Our ethos, encapsulated by the phrase "festina lente" (make haste slowly), guides us to prioritize quality over quantity. We carefully select our classes to ensure they are manageable and meaningful.

Classes Offered:

  • Core subjects include Science, Art, Music, Grammar, Writing & Rhetoric, and Logic.

  • Specialized classes in Worldview, Baking, and Children’s Games enhance our curriculum.

Additional Notes:

  • To prevent overburdening our teachers, we maintain small class sizes tailored to each instructor’s preference.

  • Students who do not require a specific class may utilize this time for independent study in a designated Study Hall.

Apollos Scholé Community
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