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Faith Lutheran Church & School

Faith Lutheran School (FLS) in Derby is an institution where academic rigor and spiritual depth coalesce to form a comprehensive educational environment. At FLS, the curriculum is designed not only to meet but to exceed traditional academic standards, ensuring that students are well-prepared for their future educational endeavors. This dedication to academic excellence is harmoniously balanced with a strong spiritual foundation, providing students with a holistic education that nurtures both mind and spirit.

One of the school’s standout features is its commitment to instilling Biblical values in its students. This is accomplished through both direct instruction in spiritual matters and the integration of Christian principles across all subjects. Such an approach ensures that students develop a moral compass and ethical reasoning skills that will guide them throughout their lives.

The positive testimonials from the school community, particularly the praise for Mrs. Voss, highlight the exceptional quality of teaching at FLS. The teachers are not only educators but also mentors who genuinely care about the spiritual and academic growth of their students. This creates a supportive and encouraging environment where students can thrive both personally and academically.

Furthermore, the feedback from parents and guardians underscores the school’s success in creating a nurturing community that values and promotes a balance between educational achievement and spiritual development. This dual focus is what makes Faith Lutheran School a unique and cherished option for families seeking an education that respects and cultivates the whole child.

Faith Lutheran School stands as a beacon of comprehensive Christian education, distinguished by its academic excellence, spiritual depth, and the profound impact it has on its students' lives. The school not only prepares students for future academic success but also equips them with the values and ethics needed to navigate life's challenges, making it a model for holistic education in today's world.

Elementary: (316) 788-1715 ext. 103

Preschool: (316) 788-1715 ext. 115

Faith Lutheran Church & School
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