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Lily Lake Homeschool Collective

Lily Lake offers a unique space that caters to families, particularly those engaged in homeschooling, looking for a physical, in-person community experience. Located in Augusta, this homeschool and play cafe was born out of the personal experiences of a homeschooling family who desired a place that could meet their comprehensive needs. Lily Lake is more than just an educational facility; it's a community space designed with the intent to foster the adventure, freedom, and wonder of childhood.

Key Features:

  • Purpose: Created to provide a supportive environment for children to explore and learn while offering parents a space to navigate the demands of modern life.

  • Community Focus: Aims to be a communal hub where families engaged in homeschooling can gather, share experiences, and support each other.

  • Environment: Offers a setting where children can enjoy the essence of childhood through play, learning, and exploration, while parents find a network of support and resources.

Lily Lake represents a pioneering approach to community-based education, emphasizing the importance of physical spaces for families to come together. Whether you are a homeschooling family looking for support and resources or simply seeking a space where your children can play and learn in a nurturing environment, Lily Lake invites you to join their community.

Lily Lake Homeschool Collective
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