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Directory of Schools & Educational Options
Schools and Co-ops
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Andover eCademy
Andover eCademy offers a hybrid virtual program accessible to all Kansas residents. This tuition-free initiative requires only a nominal annual fee of $40 per student. Certified educators deliver a comprehensive curriculum designed for home implementation by the student and their Learning Coach, typically a parent. Additionally, students are afforded numerous opportunities each month to engage in academic and social gatherings at the Andover facility.

1411 N. Main St.

Andover, KS 67002
Andover eCademy Website
Andover eCademy Facebook Page

Arise Microschool

Arise Microschool is an alternative educational experience located in Topeka, KS near the intersection of Hwy 4 & Hwy 24. It offers a supportive and inclusive small learning environment where students are empowered to be leaders in their education. In our multi-age classroom we promote autonomy, collaboration and a sense of community. Our mission is to create a transformative learning space that cultivates growth, fosters connections, and empowers students to navigate the world with confidence and curiosity.

Hwy 4 & Hwy 24, Topeka, KS
Arise Microschool Facebook Page

Cedar Pointe Learning Academy
Cedar Pointe Learning Academy (CPLA) is a K-5 microschool located in Wichita, KS, that focuses on individualized, mastery-based education. With an average class size of 15 students, the academy aims to meet each child's unique learning needs. CPLA integrates faith-based values and emphasizes a comprehensive approach to education by partnering with parents. The academy also offers a range of service projects and volunteer opportunities to engage students in community service.


9221 E. 31st St. South, Wichita KS 67210
Cedar Pointe Learning Academy Website

Central Christian School

Central Christian School (CCS) in Hutchinson, Kansas, is a faith-based educational institution that serves students from preschool to grade 12. Established in 1948, the school's mission is to educate, equip, and edify every student to exalt the name of Jesus Christ. With an enrollment of 191 students and an average class size of 14, CCS offers a Christ-centered education across various age groups, including preschool, elementary, and secondary school levels. The school emphasizes academic preparation, spiritual growth, and community engagement, striving to make Christian education accessible to all families.


1910 E 30th Ave,

Hutchinson, KS

Central Christian School Website

Charity Christian Academy (online/Distance)
For over two decades, this academy has provided a unique, Christ-centered education to home-schooled students globally, from preschool to twelfth grade. Emphasizing a holistic approach, they nurture both the mind and spirit, offering distance and online education options. Registered in Kansas, they cater to students from all US states and some international regions, rooted in the belief that each child is a divine creation.

3706 W. 7th Ave
Hutchinson, KS 67501

Charity Christian Academy Website

Concordia Academy (Classical Lutheran Highschool)
Rooted in Wichita's oldest Lutheran Church, Concordia Academy offers an uncompromisingly classical, intentionally Christian, and particularly Lutheran education. The academy emphasizes the pursuit of wisdom through classical languages and literature, aiming to cultivate virtue in its students. With a mission rooted in Christian discipleship, Concordia Academy stands as Kansas' only Lutheran High School, dedicated to shaping students for a bright future.

909 S Market St

Wichita, KS 67211


Concordia Academy Website

Concordia Academy Facebook

Courage Academy

Courage Academy is a faith-based educational institution that emphasizes strength, courage, and love in its teachings. Guided by biblical principles, the school seeks to inspire students to stand firm in their faith and to approach life with courage and strength. The academy's website provides information about admissions, staff, tuition, and fees, and encourages inquiries via email. With a focus on spiritual growth and character development, Courage Academy offers a unique educational experience rooted in Christian values.

7419 SW Church Road; Augusta, KS 67010

Courage Academy Website

El Dorado Christian Homeschool Organization (ECHO)

El Dorado, KS

El Dorado Christian Homeschool Organization Website


Freedom Preparatory Academy (K-12)

Offering a unique blend of education rooted in Christian values, Freedom Preparatory stands firm on the foundation of biblical truth. The school believes in transforming education by teaching students to think for themselves, emphasizing hands-on learning and life preparation. Beyond academics, Freedom Prep instills service-minded values, requiring high school students to engage in volunteer work. The institution provides a safe, nurturing environment, prioritizing students' well-being and holistic growth.

5920 W Central Ave,

Wichita, KS 67212

Freedom Preparatory Academy Website

Green Gate Children’s School

Green Gate Children's School offers a unique collaborative, nature, and project-based educational experience for students from preschool through 8th grade. The school emphasizes hands-on learning, bringing education to life in a vibrant and engaging environment. Catering to creative and active learners, Green Gate is dedicated to fostering a love for nature and collaborative projects, ensuring holistic development for its students.

13100 W 13th St. N.

Wichita, KS 67235

Green Gate Children's School Website

Green Gate Children's School Facebook


GO Homeschool Co-Op

GO Homeschool Co-Op is a community-based educational initiative open to homeschoolers in the Wichita area. With a focus on providing a diverse and enriching experience, the co-op offers classes, field trips, and various opportunities to enhance the homeschooling journey. The co-op's commitment to fostering a supportive and engaging environment makes it a valuable resource for homeschooling families in the region.

1144 S Emporia St

Wichita, KS 67211

GO Homeschool Co-Op Facebook

Guiding Light Academy

Guiding Light Academy is a vibrant community of learners that champions exploration and curiosity as the primary paths to knowledge. The academy provides dedicated educators who are experts in their fields, bringing passion and enthusiasm to their teaching. Beyond the curriculum, the school emphasizes creativity within a structured environment, ensuring a holistic learning experience. Additionally, students can engage in a wide array of extracurricular activities, from music lessons to team sports, catering to diverse interests.

701 E. Douglas, Suite 200,
Wichita KS 67202

Guiding Light Academy Website


The Izora Elaine Dean Educational Center

The Izora Elaine Dean Educational Center is a community-focused institution that emphasizes exploration and curiosity as the foundation of learning. The center offers a nurturing environment where both students and parents experience a supportive and loving community. With dedicated educators at its helm, the center provides a balanced curriculum, integrating subjects like reading, STEM, social studies, and writing. The school's mission is to foster creativity, growth, and academic excellence in every student.

9916 E. Harry Street Suite 205

Wichita KS 67207

Izora Elaine Dean Educational Center Website

Izora Elaine Dean Educational Center Facebook


Kansas Learning Academy

Kansas Learning Academy offers a unique blend of homeschool and private school experiences, accommodating 12-15 students annually. Located in a home setting to ensure affordability, the academy provides both in-person and online classes, ensuring continuity even during unforeseen closures. Catering to ages 2-12, the curriculum is enriched with offerings like cooking, martial arts, sign language, Spanish, personal finance, and entrepreneurship, ensuring a holistic educational experience.

Wichita, KS

Kansas Learning Academy Website

Khan Lab School Wichita

Khan Lab School Wichita, set to open in August 2024, is an innovative educational institution for 4th to 9th graders, established under the leadership of Sal Khan. Situated in downtown Wichita, Kansas, the school offers a unique combination of in-person and online learning, focusing on student-centered and community-based education. It promotes personalized learning, curiosity, and collaboration, allowing students to learn at their own pace and explore their interests. Led by Kyle Ellison, a Wichita native, the school is dedicated to nurturing innovation, critical thinking, and personal growth in its students.

Downtown Wichita, KS

Khan Lab School Website

Kreative Kids Faith Academy

Kreative Kids Academy provides care for children of all ages. It is an inclusive, optimistic space where children can explore, create, and learn from their peers and teachers. Children will be provided with a safe and nurturing environment, full of opportunities for fun and discovery. The facility is staffed with highly trained and experienced professionals who prioritize the safety and well-being of your children. Parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands. For parents who want to enroll their children, Kreative Kids Academy provides easy registration and enrollment options for their convenience. They also offer flexible payment plans and tuition assistance, making it easier for parents to give their children the care they need.

7007 West 12th Street North
Wichita, KS

Kreative Kids Faith Academy Facebook


LIGHT Academy (Hybrid School)

LIGHT Academy is a hybrid schooling option for families who desire the benefits of classroom learning, while maintaining the flexibility that homeschooling provides.  Students attend school two days a week and are taught core subjects by classroom teachers.  Our program is designed to offer students the opportunities to grow academically, socially and cognitively, while experiencing the light and love of Jesus in the classroom setting.

6100 W Maple,

Wichita, KS

Light Academy Website

Lionheart Academy

Lionheart Academy is a unique Christian school located in Benton, Kansas, designed specifically for secondary students on the Autism Spectrum. It offers a nurturing, home-like environment that focuses on the individual educational needs of each student. By integrating Christian values, Lionheart Academy aims to support students with autism spectrum disorders in achieving their full potential. This small, caring setting ensures that each student receives personalized attention and guidance, preparing them for good works

Benton, KS
Lionheart Academy Website

Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy

Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy is a Catholic Classical High School located in Wichita, Kansas, Embracing an ancient educational vision, the school aims to provide a fresh cultural oasis for students, focusing on the true, good, and beautiful. The academy is part of a growing movement of Catholic schools nationwide that are revitalizing education through a spiritually and intellectually invigorating approach. As an official ICLE Member School, Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy is committed to renewing Catholic education by drawing on the Church's tradition, fostering a joyful pursuit of faith, wisdom, and virtue.

Friends University,

Wichita, KS

Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy Website

Northfield School of Liberal Arts- The Studium

Studium is a unique cohort within Northfield School, offering a liberal arts education for grades 6-12. Following a distinctive model, the school provides two deep-dive courses per month alongside regular Math and Latin, with the added opportunity for upperclassmen to attend classes at nearby Friends University. Emphasizing community, conversation, and a low-tech approach, Studium ensures students are fully present and engaged, preparing them to be curious thinkers and fostering learning both inside and outside the classroom.

1813 W University St,

Wichita, KS 67213

Northfield School of Liberal Arts - The Studium Website

Prism Microschool

Prism Microschool, located in North Newton, Kansas, is a unique educational institution that emphasizes a learner-driven approach. The school is free to families and operates under the Kansas Department of Education. With a focus on empowering students, Prism Microschool offers a public school experience that is tailored to individual learning needs. The school's Facebook page showcases various activities, including their summer reading program, and provides a glimpse into the vibrant community that makes up the school.

North Newton, KS
Prism Microschool Facebook

Prism Microschool Instagram

Re*Wild Family Academy

Located in a renovated century-old church building in rural Kansas, ReWild Family Academy is a micro-school that seeks to restore and protect the natural rhythms of families, emphasizing a harmonious and sustainable approach to education. The academy offers a unique blend of classical literature, nature studies, and hands-on activities in a peaceful environment, catering to a small group of K-12 students. With a focus on community and individualized attention, ReWild provides resources like art, robotics, and sensory centers, and emphasizes the importance of family education, aiming to cultivate curiosity and lifelong learning in every student.

Abbyville, KS

Re*Wild Family Academy Website

Re*Wild Family Academy Facebook

Saint Boniface Academy

Saint Boniface Academy is committed to partnering with families to disciple in Biblical truth and instruct through liberal arts. They offer Classical Christian Education 3 days per week. Enrollment is open for the 2024-2025 school year.

Exodus Church, 15200 E Central Ave,
Wichita, KS 67230
Saint Boniface Academy Website

Saint Boniface Academy Facebook


The Plug Christian Academy 

The Plug Christian Academy is a distinguished educational institution committed to nurturing holistic growth in students. Our core mission centers on fostering spiritual, behavioral, emotional, and academic development through a unique blend of mentoring, counseling, and cognitive enhancement techniques. As a private institution, they offer challenging and rigorous courses that empower students to reach their full potential. However, what sets them apart is their innovative approach to education. They proudly host a co-op homeschool group with hybrid course options. This flexibility allows families to customize their child's educational journey by choosing from various packages. Whether it's full-time homeschooling, one day in their inspiring school environment, or two days of engaging on-campus learning, The Plug Christian Academy provides a diverse array of choices to cater to the needs and preferences of each family.
At The Plug Christian Academy, they believe that education extends beyond textbooks and classrooms, striving to prepare our students not only academically but also for a well-rounded, fulfilling life.

Near 21st and Oliver
The Plug Academy Website

Urban Preparatory Academy

Urban Preparatory Academy (UP Academy) is a Christian private school serving students from kindergarten through 8th grade. The academy's mission is to provide world-class education to children from low-income and working-class families, with a focus on meeting and exceeding Kansas State Common Core Learning Standards. UP Academy offers specialized programs for neurodivergent students and those with learning gaps, and emphasizes character development, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and sports. With a vision to become the first school of choice in the community, UP Academy is committed to building intellectual character and community empowerment, preparing students for college, career, and success in life.

2821 E 24th St.,

Wichita, KS

Urban Prep Academy Website

Wichita Friends School

Wichita Friends School (WFS) is a private Quaker school located in Wichita, Kansas, offering an enriching educational experience for students from preschool through 6th grade. With a commitment to fostering academic excellence, moral growth, and spiritual development, WFS provides a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to become thoughtful, compassionate, and responsible individuals. The school emphasizes hands-on learning, critical thinking, and community service, preparing students to be global citizens in a diverse and changing world. At Wichita Friends School, small class sizes ensure personalized attention, supporting each child's unique journey of discovery and growth.

14700 W. Kellogg Dr. N.,

Wichita, KS  67235

Wichita Friends School Website

Wildflower Community School

Wild Flower Community School is a small independent institution serving students from K-10th grade. The school prides itself on offering a dynamic education tailored to accommodate unique learning styles, believing that every brain is exceptional. Students at Wild Flower engage in hands-on activities, including gardening, animal care, and various outdoor projects. Additionally, the school fosters unrestricted creativity, providing numerous opportunities for learners to express themselves through diverse creative projects.

530 E. Harry,
Wichita KS 67211

Wildflower Community School Website

Wildflower Community School Facebook

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Educational Services, Classes, & Co-ops

AIM Educational Collaborative

AIM Educational Collaborative is dedicated to reimagining education by promoting Autonomous, Innovative, and Missional educational models. The collaborative supports individuals keen on offering classes, initiating co-ops, or launching microschools, providing a platform for connection and community. Since 2017, AIM has organized enrichment activities, community events, and has been a staunch advocate for local microschools, collaborating with various educational stakeholders. With a focus on challenging traditional learning norms, AIM's mission is to empower individuals to discover their unique giftings and achieve their God-given purpose.

8304 S Partridge Rd,

Partridge, KS

Aim Educational Collaborative Website

Bee Curious

Bee Curious Facebook Group



Cochner-Garvey Children’s Education and Discovery Center

Wichita, KS

Cochner-Garvey Children’s Education and Discovery Center Website

Cochner-Garvey Children’s Education and Discovery Center Facebook Page


Coop 412

Coop 412 is a Christ-centered classical homeschool cooperative group catering to students from first to sixth grade, with plans to expand annually. The cooperative emphasizes a traditional teacher-led classroom approach, fostering a nurturing environment where families invest in each other's growth and in mastering subjects passionately. Drawing inspiration from Ephesians 4:12, the cooperative's vision is to equip God’s people for His work. They utilize the Core Curriculum of Memoria Press, valuing its beauty, simplicity, and wisdom.

Andover, KS

Coop 412 Website

Dynasty Learning Lab

Dynasty Learning Lab, located in Wichita, Kansas, specializes in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) learning for homeschoolers. In addition to this, the organization offers professional development for teachers and homeschoolers, as well as tutoring services for all age groups.

Wichita, KS, United States, Kansas

Dynasty Learning Lab Facebook

Exploration Place

Wichita, Kansas

Exploration Place Website


Farmhouse Phonics

Farmhouse Phonics is a literacy tutoring company founded by Jessica Ramsay, a former certified public school teacher. Located in the greater Wichita area, Farmhouse Phonics offers individualized, hands-on reading instruction in a warm and welcoming farmhouse studio. 

Wichita, KS

Farmhouse Phonics Facebook

Harmony Haven Reading Therapy

Harmony Haven Reading Therapy is a specialized educational service dedicated to assisting struggling readers, particularly within the homeschooling community. The center offers personalized lessons using various Orton Gillingham programs, providing tailored support and curriculum choices to enhance literacy skills. The center also offers informal assessments to help identify the unique needs of each student.

Reno County, Kansas

Harmony Haven Reading Therapy Website

ICT Farms

ICT Farms is a local farm organization dedicated to changing local food systems and fostering community connections. Offering a membership program, members can enjoy a variety of benefits including fresh food, merchandise, and discounts. The farm provides opportunities to purchase fresh food and flowers, and also plans to launch a gear shop featuring ICT Farms merchandise. Committed to education and sustainability, ICT Farms is actively involved in the community, offering new products, services, and produce sales.

Wichita, KS
ICT Farms Website

ICT Farms Facebook


The Izora Elaine Dean Educational Center

The Izora Elaine Dean Educational Center is a community-focused institution that emphasizes exploration and curiosity as the foundation of learning. The center offers a nurturing environment where both students and parents experience a supportive and loving community. With dedicated educators at its helm, the center provides a balanced curriculum, integrating subjects like reading, STEM, social studies, and writing. The school's mission is to foster creativity, growth, and academic excellence in every student.

9916 E. Harry Street Suite 205

Wichita KS 67207

Izora Elaine Dean Educational Center Website

Izora Elaine Dean Educational Center Facebook

Learning Lab
Learning Lab, located in Wichita, KS, is an educational hub focused on student-driven learning models and innovative education solutions. The organization offers a culture of innovation, state-of-the-art co-learning facilities, and a robust network of partners and resources. They aim to empower students to take ownership of their educational experience through personalized learning.

701 E. Douglas Ave.
Wichita, KS 67202
Learning Lab Website

The Art Park

Wichita, KS

The Art Park Website

Left Brain Fun
Left Brain Fun is a small business with a mission to make science both fun and accessible for children. Specializing in the fields of Science, Technology, and Engineering, Left Brain Fun offers various programs, including after-school activities.

Left Brain Fun Facebook Page

Lily Lake Homeschool Collective

Opening in late Fall 2023, the Lily Lake Homeschool Collective was created to offer support for homeschooling families in Wichita, KS and surrounding communities. The collective will be a self-directed learning environment where homeschooled kids from all backgrounds and ages can spend their days together, free to come and go as best works for their families.  Additionally, the learning center will offer classes in a variety of subjects based on learner interest and availability of experts to teach.

9010 SW River Valley Rd,
Augusta, KS 67010

Loreto Learning

Loreto Learning is an educational platform designed to help homeschooling teens engage the world intellectually and virtuously. The platform offers project and discussion-based classes that go beyond traditional textbook and lecture-based learning. With a focus on building communication, interpersonal skills, and cultivating research and critical thinking, Loreto Learning guides students through a Christian moral framework. The platform also offers specific programs like History Debates and Wichita Mock Trial, providing a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

West Wichita, KS

Loreto Learning Website

Mark Arts

Wichita, KS,

Mark Arts Website

Mark Arts Facebook Page


Nature Nuts: Wichita

Wichita, KS
Nature Nuts: Wichita Facebook group

Phillips Fundamental Learning Center

Phillips Fundamental Learning Center is a specialized learning center focused on helping children who struggle with reading, including those with dyslexia. Utilizing research-validated curricula and classroom-tested instruction, the center offers tailored programs that align with each child's learning style. The center also serves as an education hub for parents and teachers, providing resources and training to support children's literacy development. With a mission to empower, educate, and enlighten, Phillips Fundamental Learning Center is dedicated to transforming the lives of children and fostering a love for reading.

2220 E 21st St N,

Wichita, KS

Phillips Fundamental Learning Center Website

Prairie Kids Wichita

Wichita, KS

Prairie Kids Wichita Facebook Group

Riverside Music Together

Wichita, KS

Riverside Music Together Website

Riverside Music Together Facebook Page


Rooted Life Academy
Rooted Life Academy, located in Spring Hill, KS, United States, is an educational enrichment and tutoring business. They offer personalized learning experiences tailored to the needs of their students. The academy is dedicated to enhancing the academic skills of its students, as evidenced by their engaging activities.

Spring Hill, KS, United States, Kansas
Rooted Life Academy Facebook

Seckman Music School

Wichita, KS

Seckman Music School Website


Sedgwick County Zoo

Wichita, KS

Sedgwick County Zoo Website

Sedgwick County Zoo Facebook Page

Stem Education Mobile

STEM Education Mobile, based in Wichita, Kansas, is dedicated to providing early exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for children. Through collaborative work with Lego WeDo 2.0 robotic kits, students engage in building, coding, and competing, fostering critical 21st-century skills. The organization is committed to increasing student interest in STEM careers, especially in underprivileged, high-risk, and rural areas, and has reached over 2500 students across Kansas and Oklahoma. Their mobile robotic sessions bring scientific tools and techniques directly to schools and organizations, enhancing educational experiences beyond traditional means.

Wichita, KS

Steam Education Mobile Website

Senseney Music Homeschool Classes

2300 E. Lincoln
Wichita, KS
Senseney Music Homeschool Classes Website

Senseney Music Homeschool Classes Facebook

Student Startup

Student Startup, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Wichita, KS, that aims to provide young entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed. The organization offers mentoring, marketing resources, and equipment to help students start their own businesses in window washing, lawn mowing, and gutter cleaning.  Student Startup serves as an internship platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, allowing them to practice business ownership while still focusing on their education.

Student Startup Website


Wichita Independent Secular Educators


Wichita, KS

Wichita Independent Secular Educators Facebook

Wichita Homeschool Robotics

Wichita, KS

Wichita Homeschool Robotics Website

Wichita Homeschool Robotics Facebook Page

Online/Out of State


Classeteria is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational center designed to connect independent learning with community-centered education. The center offers a wide range of classes and subjects for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. With nine fully-equipped classroom spaces, Classeteria provides an environment conducive to learning. The center also offers scholarships and tuition assistance to help with fees. Classeteria aims to be a comprehensive resource for homeschoolers and educators alike.

Citadel Mall 2070 Sam Rittenberg Blvd Ste A-144, Charleston, SC, United States, South Carolina

Classeteria Website

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