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The Microschool Movement in Wichita: Dalena Wallace's Inspiring Journey

Updated: Mar 14

This blog post was generated from the following episode of the WISE and Otherwise Podcast with Dalena Wallace. Find more at:

In Wichita, Kansas, a quiet yet powerful educational movement is underway, driven by innovative thinkers like Dalena Wallace. Her journey from a homeschooling mom to a key player in the microschool movement is both inspiring and indicative of a larger shift in educational paradigms.

Embracing Homeschooling: A Personal Decision with Broad Impacts

Dalena's foray into homeschooling was not a decision taken lightly. It was a path chosen out of deep personal reflection and a desire for a meaningful connection with her children. This journey began with a profound sense of loss and a subsequent pledge to embrace whatever path parenthood might lead her. Dalena's commitment to homeschooling was rooted in a desire to be intimately involved in her children's education, instilling strong family values and fostering an environment of learning and growth.

From Home to Community: The Genesis of a Microschool Visionary

Dalena's educational efforts initially were confined to her home but gradually expanded to include other families in her community. This expansion from a personal project to a communal one was a natural progression of her passion for education. Partnering with a friend, she transformed her routine into a collective homeschooling experience. This collaboration was the catalyst for the Apollos Schole Community, a burgeoning network that provided a supportive and collaborative educational environment for several families.

The Growth of an Educational Entrepreneur

Dalena's influence in the educational landscape of Wichita and beyond grew as she explored various educational models to address the closure of local schools. Her venture into the microschool movement was a blend of necessity and innovation. AIM Educational Collaborative, her brainchild, was born out of a need to provide diverse, autonomous, and mission-driven educational options. The VELA Education Fund's support was a crucial milestone, amplifying her vision and efforts.

Pioneering Role in WISE and Broader Outreach

Dalena's role transcended her local community when she became an integral part of WISE, expanding her reach and influence. Her networking skills and ability to form strategic partnerships have been instrumental in promoting educational alternatives across Kansas. Her work with WISE is a testament to her commitment to creating a collaborative ecosystem where educators and families can collaborate and grow.

A Visionary’s Heart: Service, Connection, and Community

At the core of Dalena's journey is a profound sense of service and connection. She has consistently sought to support, encourage, and inspire those in the educational realm, understanding the challenges faced by teachers and parents. Her efforts have fostered a collaborative, supportive environment, crucial in a landscape often marked by competition and isolation.

Future Directions: Engaging Churches in Education

Dalena envisions churches playing a vital role in the next phase of the educational revolution. Her concept of mobilizing churches to create and support small schools and educational initiatives is a forward-thinking approach to community-based education. The Heartland Education Reformation project aims to leverage the resources and community connections of churches to meet local educational needs.

Empowering Aspiring Educators and Entrepreneurs

Dalena's advice to aspiring educators and entrepreneurs is clear: start with small steps and embrace the journey. Her emphasis on gradual growth, coupled with an openness to learning and adapting, offers a practical and achievable model for those looking to make a difference in education.


Dalena Wallace's story is a powerful narrative of personal commitment, community engagement, and educational innovation. Her journey highlights the transformative potential of individual initiative and collaborative effort in reshaping the educational landscape. As Wichita and other communities look toward the future of education, Dalena's experiences and insights offer valuable lessons and inspiration for anyone committed to nurturing the next generation in a dynamic, responsive, and compassionate educational environment.

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